Last-Frame Interaction in Online Video from Involver

I once wrote about how one possible way to make money off YouTube was to add some call-to-action interaction to the last frame of the clip; this space is currently occupied by the promos for related videos. A new start-up called Involver has brought this model to life:

"Involver’s unique vision is to provide more than just “video with a buy button”, creating a tool for marketers that does more than deliver millions of impressions with no way to capture the audience. The platform uses a rich set of video plug-ins to allow the campaign owner to capture email, offer quizes or surveys, even take orders or donations - all within the framework of the video, never forcing the viewer to browse to a new Web page." (-- StageTwo).

You can post Involver-powered videos to a whole bunch of social networking sites, although not to YouTube.
-- thanks, Jim


  1. Thanks for the post, we are really excited to be tackling this product for brands of all sizes.

    Video is a really engaging medium and by creating plug-ins that put the action into the video, we are making a platform that can be much more successful in measurements like interaction and click-through rates.

    Thanks Again,
    Tyler Willis
    Director of Marketing, Involver

  2. Great idea!


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