Samsung Spot on YouTube with Interactive Annotations

If you view this spot from Samsung posted a few days ago till the end you'll find it incorporates a new feature -- interactive annotations, or two links to two other videos on YouTube. Using these annotations, Samsung is telling an entire choose-your-adventure-style story. Annotations don't seem to work in videos embedded elsewhere (on AdLab, for example).

Clicking on "Jump in a cab" and "Follow your instinct" will each take you to a different video on YouTube.

-- thanks, James

Last-frame Interaction in Online Video from Involver
YouTube Advertising, Part II: The Last Frame


  1. Not one option to learn more about the actual product or god forbid have a path to choose-my-own-store to buy one.

    Why wouldn't they offer a chance to buy or watch a demo? That is the point right? To sell product with advertising? You can't tell me that a branding initiative shouldn't lead to sales.

  2. lol newsarcade. I think I saw this on MSNBC. thanks for this one I really like your blog.:P



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