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As usual, too many open browser tabs with interesting stories that don't deserve to languish in the obscurity:

Anti-social bot invades Second Lifers' personal space (Nov 2007)
"A software bot that masquerades as an ill-mannered human user within the popular virtual world Second Life is being used by UK researchers to investigate the psychology of its inhabitants. The bot starts a conversation with human users and deliberately invades their personal space to see how they will react."

A trip down spam memory lane
Commemorating spam's 30th anniversary, New Scientist rounds up a bunch of interesting links, such as this archive that's been aggregating spam for the past 10 years.

NY Times on fictional fiction:
"'Charm' was released in the fictional small town of Pine Valley, Pa., as part of the [ABC's soap "All My Children"] story line. [...] It has sold more than 100,000 copies and made its debut in February at No. 13 on the New York Times best-seller list."

The Psychology of Waiting Lines (1985):
  • Uncertain waits are longer than known, finite waits.
  • Occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time.
  • People want to get started
  • Unfair waits are longer than equitable waits
  • Unexplained waits are longer than explained waits
  • The wore valuable the service, the longer the customer will wait
  • Solo waits feel longer than group waits

iPhone Usability Evaluation Report:

"One feature of the popup keyboard on the iPhone is the drag and lift feature which is said to reduce errors. Unfortunately not one user discovered this feature."

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