The Shortest PR Pitch

Google "Rampenfest". Short. To the point. (How did they get to the top of Google results? Because of the URL?)

The "Interesting BWM viral" is this movie below (the campaign started some time in February with a teaser). There are also a few satellite sites, such as this one for the town Oberpfaffelbachen. Even though the town is mythical, you can find touristy pictures of it on Flickr. See also a blog by the documentary's maker and his YouTube profile.

An aside: gotta start hoarding accounts on popular sites so that they look "aged" by the time they are put to action.

How to pitch bloggers

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  1. Like you said, ranking #1 for 'Rampenfest' is primarily due to an exact name match (its not a very competitive keyword, either)

    It looks like AutoBlog did a piece recently and is now ranking above them for that keyword (trumped by a more authoritative domain).

    BMW should be back on top soon.

    And yes, start hoarding those domains ;)


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