Misc: Computer-Generated Books, Helvetica Screensaver, Polaroid Reborn

I've got too many Firefox tabs open, each waiting to be blogged about at just the right time. Well, I need to restart the browser, so here's everything at once.

- I've been looking for self-help books published during the first dot-com era. Drop a comment if you have an interesting one in mind. Here's one with a funny cover on e-Branding (love the "e-") from 2000.

- Dropclock, a really cool screensaver (video below) with Helvetica numerals falling in water in slo-mo.

- Polaroid has come up with a portable instant photo printer to bring us back the beloved functionality of the classic camera.

- How about computer-generated books? Here's a story about a professor who has his computers scrape and digest content from the Net and spit it out as books. Here's one out of some 200,000 created to date.

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