Hollywood Considers On-Demand Movie Kiosks

"Major retailers including Wal-Mart have held talks with Hollywood's studios to develop kiosks where consumers can copy movies and TV shows onto DVDs and devices.
Installing video-burning kiosks in retail stores would help counter the slowing growth in the $24 billion home DVD market. Burning DVDs in stores could happen in 2007.

McDonald's and movie rental retailer Movie Gallery have experimented with kiosks that are more like vending machines for renting physical DVDs. McDonald's has put its $1-per-night kiosks, which hold about 500 disks, in hundreds of restaurants in a bid to lure consumers into a one-stop experience to eat first, then rent a movie to take home and watch."
-- Reuters, also see ArsTechnica, Slashdot

Kiosks at Wal-Mart probably won't work unless a) the digital movie library is times larger than the on-the-shelf one; b) the download and burning times are within consumer tolerance limit; and c) the movies are priced adequately. One place where the idea would work, though, is airports. And perhaps not with movies, but with shorter-form content that wouldn't take forever to download. And not on DVDs, but on iPods. Otherwise, good thinking.

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