TiVo Shows Video From Internet

"Through the new TiVoCast service, people can download broadband video clips to their TiVo boxes for free from a handful of Internet sites, such as woman-oriented iVillage, technology-focused CNET.com (a News.com sister site), entertainment-grooved Heavy.com, The New York Times, the National Basketball Association and Women's National Basketball Association, and news and political video blog site Rocketboom." -- CNet

This is interesting because the technology paves way for online advertisers to the main TV screen. So, imagine TiVo showing clips from YouTube, Revver, Google Video, iFilm and others that come with a pre-roll ad spot. Now, if there was a way for people to organize separate clips into a continuous stream tailored to their interests and schedules (something like RSS delivery; perhaps, through TiVo Guru?), we would have a zillion of mini-channels on TV (better suited for long-form content) with a target audience of one.

Update: Ah, nevermind. It turns out YouTube just launched such a channel-creating feature (CNet).
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