Update: Human Bodies As Media

(photo by Vladimir Somov at photo-art.ru)

Some of the body parts currently available for branding on eBay: a hand, a pregnant belly, a big fat belly, feet, huge ears, a butt, a bald head, big tits, hair, teeth, and an entire media package consisting of chest, thigh, back, legs.

No wonder then that Glossy News revisited the topic of using human bodies as advertising media. Some of the stuff it covered is pretty recent and well-known, like the guy who sold his forehead to a certain company promoting its anti-snoring remedy. Yet much of the article is new (to me) and amazing (to me), especially the amounts of money involved. Selected snippets:

-- "Full-body advertising has arrived. Martha Zeuber of Cincinnati, Ohio, will be painted to resemble a Ford Mustang for the next six months, while Adrian Boppa, of San Diego, California, will be advertising the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Exhibit by being painted as a panda for the next two months, for a reported sum of $75,000."

"In a startling turn of events, the well known promiscuous skank Helen Bederman of Arizona State University has sold her clitoris as “targeted” advertising space."

" Stephanie Lerner of New York, New York, a noted underwear model, recently sold her ass for advertising space. “It’s taut, it’s round, it’s perfectly shaped to advertise our product,” said CEO Laurence Honey of Mom’s New England Apple Pie Co. “With an ass like that, how can you lose?”

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