Live TV Hits Cell Phones

"Last week, Cingular Wireless LLC, the nation's largest mobile-phone company, launched its $9.99-a-month MobiTV service, which has 22 channels of television viewable on four models of color-screen, high-speed-Internet handsets.

Subscribers to Sprint and Cingular can watch live television from CNBC, MSNBC, ABC News, and the Learning Channel.

Cartoon Network is developing characters suited for short-form entertainment, Samples said, such as Periwinkle, an animated platypus that stars in two-minute episodes that can be on cell phones, the network's Web site and before the feature film at movie theaters.

Fox's "24: Conspiracy" is a scaled-down version of the popular TV show.

Market researcher Yankee Group estimates there are 280,000 subscribers to mobile TV in the United States, mostly through Sprint's service. The number could reach 1.3 million by year-end and 10.8 million by 2008, Yankee Group said."
--Washington Post (via Yahoo)

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