Closed Spaces: Trains

"The Rail Network and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), today unveiled the first television and radio network for rail passengers [first in the US, that is. Toronto announced a similar network a month ago -- AdLab]. The Rail Network is equipping the MARTA rail system with a digital television and radio network capable of providing television programming, with multiple channels of wireless audio, inside subway and commuter rail cars." -- press release

"Beginning this spring, all of MARTA’s rail cars will each be equipped with five 15-inch flat screen television screens. Content for the TV programming will be provided by WSB, Cox Television’s top-rated ABC affiliate in Atlanta, which will produce half-hour local news segments, updated four times daily.

Passengers can either watch the closed captioning programming on the TV screens or tune-in English or Spanish audio via a headset on any FM radio or cell phone with an FM headset. Passengers can also tune-in the MARTA information channel or one of three music channels from a content provider that will be announced in the upcoming weeks." -- MediaWeek

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