Fujitsu Launches U-Scan Shopping Cart

We have already written about the new wave of implementations of what is a pretty old idea - a shopping cart equipped with a touch-screen to show contextual ads and coupons, count groceries and ease the check-out pains. Now, Fujitsu together with Klever Marketing put out a press release saying that the two companies "introduce U-Scan shopper," a $1,200 futuristic smart cart that "features a wireless, cart-mounted computer that empowers shoppers with store information and scan-as-you-shop convenience as they move through a store."

Some of the things the cart does:
-Item scanning/self-checkout
-Personalized offers tied to retailer's loyalty program
-In-store advertising and promotions linked to cart's location in the store
-Item price-checker and locater
-Download shopping lists from retailer's Web site for in-store reference
-Remote in-store order placement, such as pharmacy and deli orders.

The display unit's browser-based application (see pic) runs on Microsoft Windows CE .NET.

--An article in eWeek with more details on U-Scan.
--Microsoft's software for retail businesses

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