3d Advertising: Heliodisplay

"Scientific breakthroughs have a way of sneaking up on us though _ and pouncing when we least expect it. That may describe the way you feel should you visit IO2’s web site and take a look at the videos showcasing their ``Heliodisplay.’’

Developed by Chad Dyner at IO2, the surprisingly compact Heliodisplay, which is about the size of an average PC case laid on its side is said to intake air, "alter"’ it, then expel it and use lasers to project the image onto the "still invisible’’ conditioned air" (The Korea Times).

The image is planar (2D), not volumetric (3D). Like any computer monitor, it can project simulated 3D. Sometimes such images will look like real 3D when viewed from more than a few feet away because there is no physical depth reference.

Commercial versions of the prototypes, with the following specifications, will be available for purchase in February at $18,000 for a machine that produces images 22' large:

  • Full color, high resolution video (SVGA,XGA)
  • 22" (55.8cm) visible image, diagonally measured
  • Plug-and-Play with PC,
  • Stereo audio
  • Interactive virtual touch screen
  • Improved image fidelity, brightness
Suggested applications? But of course, advertising.

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