The "Video Mods" Show

"MTV2, a Viacom-owned music network, is home to one of the most innovative shows on TV, a self-described (by its host) “cross-breeding bastard” of a program that is a captivating experiment in branded entertainment. [...]

The show is “Video Mods,” and it centers on original music videos that feature animated characters from popular video games dancing, singing and acting in vignettes based on hit songs. "Video Mods” was introduced in September and airs on MTV2 on alternate Saturday nights (production complexities have limited the number of shows to date).[...]

The videos are compelling. One features characters from Electronic Arts’ Sims 2 game acting out a teen fantasy based on the Fountains of Wayne song “Stacey’s Mom.” Other videos mix singles from Evanescence, Black Eyed Peas and the Vines with characters from Leisure Suit Larry, Jade Empire and Outlaw Golf 2."
--AdAge (free registration)

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