Bathroom Advertising Round-Up

The Top 10 Ways to Reach the Most Captive Audience:

1. By ad space in a bathroom reader.
2. Buy time on Wiz Radio.
3. Put up posters on stall walls (*yawn*).
4. Or, instead, put up LCD displays.
5. Or, even better, go with the Bathroom TV Mirror by Philips. Or the screens on hand dryers.
6. Brand the toilet paper.
7. Brand the urinal.
8. Put interactive ads on urinals. "The message takes the form of logos fixed to the metal panel of urinals. The logos are invisible and become visible when urine comes in contact with them. They disappear again when cold water flushes over them." Tried by Land Transport Safety Authority in New Zealand last year (pictured above, read more).
9. Install Wizmark, the interactive urinal communicator. "As a one-of-a-kind, fully functional interactive device, Wizmark can talk, sing, or flash a string of lights around a promotional message when greeting a "visitor".
10. Heard of advergaming? Upgrade the hardware to feature the interactive gaming system for urinals, developed right here, at MIT.

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