Video, Data on Vinyl Disks

Look what I found while organizing my bookmarks:
"VinylVideo allows people to watch images created by specially pressed albums on household televisions. Viewers can fast-forward or rewind with a gentle flip of the turntable needle. They can skip tracks on the "picture disks" or scratch the record like a DJ, changing and mixing the image. They can also try listening to the picture disks, though that's a less pleasant experience akin to searching for the devil's message in the fuzz of a Beatles record spun backward. The invention is "totally useless of course," says Sengmüller, a Vienna-based artist who regularly commutes to New York. "There's no industrial value."
--The Village Voice, April 2000.

Did you know that 20 years ago they used to have multimedia applications on vinyl? "British record companies have released records - both 45s and LPs - with one side recorded with music and the other side recorded with a computer program. The flip side can be run on the specified computers (such as a Sinclair, Apple, or BBC Micro) to display graphics accompanying the music." -- Dead Media

Here's an idea. How about handing out your next advertising kit on a stylishly packaged vinyl instead of minidisks, flash memory or PDAs? Or at least on those cool Verbatim retro CD-Rs designed after the 45-rpm records.

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