Potential Of Blogs As Advertising Medium

You have already seen the report quantifying the damage Craigslist is doing to the classified listing business of newspapers. Tony Gentile at the Media Center takes the idea further:

"[Think] about repurposing 'blog infrastructure' as a mechanism for creating and publishing classified listings.

Imagine Blogger or TypePad not in the hands of a blogger, PR flak or journalist... but in the hands of a recruiter, real estate agent or used car salesmen. Imagine a slightly customized UI that asks for a Job Title, Description and Location, instead of a blog post Title, Link and Body. Imagine an open database of these listings that you can search... and the ability to subscribe to a Feed containing continuously updated search results.

You don't have to imagine.

The database already exists (at least for recruitment classifieds) at Indeed.com and jobs.feedster.com... and the UI for publishing will follow soon. More listing categories will emerge in 2005.

The implications are profound."
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