Dream Machine and Subliminal Ads?

I was about to overlook the whole story about the dream machine covered in today's NY Times and picked up by half of the blogosphere, but the last paragraph caught my attention:

"Days after my experience with Ms. Chapman I found myself craving the Dreamachine and the vivid imagery and sense of calm it had produced. I'm not sure I would part with $500 to bring one into my life. But having lived through the experience, it was hard not to think about Mr. Gysin's vision of an alternate-universe America in which every home would tune into internal landscapes instead of commercial programming."

A Russian sci-fi book Labyrinth of Reflections talks about a computer generated virtual reality Matrix-like trance induced by a sequence of lights blinking on the computer monitor. Could that be it? Can you control the imagery induced by the Dream Machine? Could that be the ultimate advertising machine?

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