Tutti Frutti

- Juhll is the company of Jennifer Uhll, the former creative director at Lower My Bills who ushered in a new style of banner-making (NYT had the story a couple of years ago). Adverlicio.us has an entire gallery.

- What Kind of Blogger Are You? (The tool is kind of like those generic heartwarming zodiac readings that feel oh so personalized.)

- Dissecting Influence is a newly discovered blog that focuses on what's going on inside your (your!) head.

- Why. So. Serious. (in Heath Ledger's voice): "I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some sick, Brazil-inspired joke, but the "thought leaders" at Ad Labs raided the Half Bakery to come up with ten "half-baked" advertising ideas that they hope to see in the future. Ad Labs calls them "brilliant"; I call them scary, and not good scary."

- Make any photo a Polaroid photo with Poladroid.

- iPhone apps that never passed through the gates of iHeaven.

- Google classifieds search in Russia (in Russian).

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