Flogos: Foam Clouds Shaped Like Logos

Via our reader Flummox comes the word of Flogos, a company that makes machines that make clouds shaped like corporate logos. The clouds are made from "proprietary surfactant (soap) based foam formulations and lighter-than-air gases such as helium." Some videos to illustrate: Nintendo's Kirby (below) and a bunch of other samples (on Flogos' site).


  1. I would really like to know about the eco-friendliness. Seriously, It looks like the Kirby's are made from some foaming chemical that could land on someone's roof leaving a neon pink Kirby imprint. (I don't know anyone who wouldn't love that, though). To be fair I don't have sound so if they mentioned what it's made out of, I couldn't hear it.

  2. they say its from soap and helium and apparently completely economical.


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