41 Commercials In One Music Video

How many of the 41 commercials mashed up into one music video can you recognize? How many brands can you name?
-- thanks, Roni


  1. How do we classify this. User-generated, viral involuntary co-op branding? Nah, that makes a lousy acronym. Still, that an interesting technique -- commercials as a giant stock footage library for music video producers.

  2. How about a music clip that is a commercial? One music on a product, with never saying the product name, just a story? By letting people guess what the product is? I think that could create some buzz if the music is nice, and their is plenty of cheap talent out there...why not even create a competition for musicians to create a song, then the advertiser would pay for a video clip with the winning song...and pay 2min30 for a couple of advertising spot and a website around it all.
    This clip gave me that idea. Thanks!


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