Advertising Lab Turns Four

It is amidst cries announcing the death of blogging that AdLab celebrates its fourth birthday this week (the official DOB is November 12; we are late to our own party). Thank you for reading AdLab over the past year, bookmarking it, sending it to friends, adding it to blogrolls, and writing back.

Traditionally, some numbers:
  • Total page views: ~1,909,881 (up from 1,362,218 in AdLab's third year, up from ~580,232 the year before, and ~130,000 on its first birthday)
  • Total RSS readers: ~11,000 (up from ~3,900 in Y3, ~1,200 in Y2 and ~200 in Y1)
  • Posts served this year: 362, to the total of 2,312. It's only half the previous year's volume (700, total of 1950 by Y3).
  • AdSense revenues also halved, which can attributed to the last year's redesign. On the other hand, Balihoo's sponsorship this year kept the blog in the relative green (thank you!).
So, I've gone easy on posting stuff this year, and there are a couple of reasons. One is that there's less blogging time now that my family has grown 50%. More importantly, blogging is tough once you've been on the same beat for some time. I'm sort of running out of novelty stuff like Holopops, and ads on butts are exciting only the first three times even if they may well be the future of advertising.

While I'm considering other options, why don't you shoot an email or leave a comment if there's a topic you'd like to see covered here in the next year?

Advertising Lab
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