Using Balihoo to Build a Consideration Set [Ad]

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Balihoo’s vertical search engine helps you find relevant advertising opportunities faster.

Product details in Balihoo help you choose your consideration set.

Balihoo provides campaign details in one easy-to-access location.

This is the second post in the series where Shane Vaughan explains how to use Balihoo's tool to build a consideration set:

"My last post introduced Balihoo as the only on-demand media buying and planning platform that provides intelligent software-PLUS-services to media professionals across all mediums.

I mentioned how Balihoo allows media professionals to build a consideration set, execute more efficiently, and centralize knowledge. Today we’re going to dive into building a consideration set with Balihoo.

Media buyers know building a consideration set can be a hair-pulling experience – ever-increasing choices for advertising opportunities accompanied by heightened scrutiny of targeting precision. Buyers need to efficiently find opportunities which meet their campaign criteria. Balihoo streamlines media research and selection and aggregates that information into one easy-to-use location that’s sharable across your organization.

Media sellers also face the challenge of cutting through the clutter so buyers gain visibility to their unique offerings. Balihoo offers sellers exactly that, one interface to communicate property details to all buyers at once and enhanced visibility through promotional opportunities.

Balihoo offers the largest collection of cross-medium advertising opportunities that’s searchable via geography, keyword, or medium. Whether you want to use your “go-to” properties or find unique opportunities previously too difficult to find, Balihoo can help. Our database is constantly fed by a variety of data sources (see attached graphic). This comprehensive database allows buyers to cut steps and time out of the process and ultimately make better media plans with increased return on invested time and effort.

For our next post we’ll examine how Balihoo takes users from a consideration set to powerful RFI / RFP modules where even greater efficiencies are gained."

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