Media vs. Agencies

Micropersuasion quotes Booz Allen Hamilton as saying agencies are in trouble because media are encroaching on the traditional agency turf:

* By 2010, 53% of media companies surveyed expect to do more business directly with marketers. The majority of marketers (52%) feel the same about publishers

* Only 27% of marketers expect to be doing more business with agencies two years from now

* Today nearly every media company (91%) offers some kind of "agency-like" services. This includes former untouchables like idea generation (88%) and creative development (79%).

The flip side, of course, is that agencies are increasingly tasked with content production for marketers who are bypassing the existing media channels to create their own media that are cheaper to make and distribute than ever.

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  1. this taxes me evrey day when concepting;

    so I'm sure were all asking, whats the percentage of creative to media spent on any campaign since 2002. I'm expecting 20% Agency Creative costs to 90% Media Fee's with a 10% agency absorb (due to passonate idea made on a shoe string). and only getting worse every week. I can only imagine how the production companies are doing.


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