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Lovemarks is going into its third iteration, apparently this time as a "designers'" edition, "a sublime rendering of the original book that will both challenge the mind and delight the eyes". Coming out on September 30, originally at $75, but already available on Amazon for $47 and change. Also, the original, and The Lovermarks Effect.

Brandscapes by Anna Klingmann, due September 30 from MIT Press, sounds offbeat but interesting. The two authors of the famous Experience Economy gave it two (four?) thumbs up: "Brandscapes is the first architecture book that takes the Experience Economy as its premise to show architects -- and by extension designers, engineers, and indeed all experience stagers -- how to create places that are authentic, meaningful, and engaging." On Amazon for about $20.

Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer's Brain, due October 2, looks like an update from the authors' 2005 title Neuromarketing: Is There a 'Buy Button' in the Brain? Neuromarketing is a fascinating subject I've posted frequently about before, and I am posting about a set of great books on cognitive psychology and advertising next week, but it's also becoming too fashionable, which means there are bound to be books that are just riding the wave.

Brandweek wrote
: "In reality, much of the [neuromarketing] research is hype. The buying decision is a complex process that cannot be reduced to a "button." The truth is -- and researchers admit this when pressed -- psychologists have made only tiny steps toward explaining how the processes work. A full understanding of the subject is decades away."

The book sells on Amazon for $15.63, but I am waiting for the first reviews.

Don't forget about Stephen King's A Master Class in Brand Planning that comes out in December.

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