Study: Banners Work Even When Overlooked

Source: "Banner Blindness, Old and New Findings", Jacob Nielsen, Aug 20, 2007

Jacob Nielsen confirms that people don't see online banners: "At all levels of user engagement, the finding is the same regarding banners (outlined with green boxes in the above illustration): almost no fixations within advertisements."

But that's Ok. ArsTechnica writes, "There is a long history of experiments that show that repeated exposure to a stimulus that's barely perceptible can enhance a person's feelings towards what's otherwise a neutral object." And now there is a new research that concludes that "repeated exposure to a product via banner ads generates a positive feeling towards that product." (Note: the ArsTechnica's article came out in May 2007, three months before Nielsen's).

Conclusion: buy cheap remnant space. Nobody sees the ads anyway, but the subliminal effect is the same.

Study: Banner Ads Affect Memory
Subliminal Spam


  1. That link to new research didn't work for me. I tried it repeatedly, and now I have positive feelings I can't explain towards the University of Chicago Press. They're a crafty lot.

  2. OR maybe the feelings that are sub consciously felt are NEGATIVE?
    I think it very odd that these researchers think that such advertisemnt will only make warm fuzzies happen in peoples hearts.
    As an avid user of Adblock Plus I feel VERY happy about the absence of all these adds ^_^


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