New Gaming Media: Movie Theaters and DVDs

Two fairly "old" media are adapting themselves for gaming: DVDs (the ones that go into DVD players) and movie theater screens.

From David Edery: "You may be interested to know that DVD games [games that run on a standard DVD player, not PC DVD games] are a $400M category. There are 50 titles on the market, but only only the movie/TV trivia games are actually selling (with about a 65% marketshare on that platform)." Here's a link to a recent story on Money Central.

From Tech Web: "TimePlay Entertainment has developed consoles and software that integrates with digital projectors it will install at United Cinema International Odeon theaters in the United Kingdom within the next two months. The video game projected on the movie screen can support up to 70 players in the theater simultaneously." (via TechDirt)
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