Need Help Contacting Blogger Support

Update (March 16, 2006): Status update posted.

Offtopic and will be burried after expiring. If you know someone at Blogger support or have a blog read by Googlers, please help getting this message to them.

There has been a major problem with image uploads at Blogger (Google's software that powers this blog and a huge chunk of others) since at least Monday. The help forums are clueless, the status page is silent, and all requests sent to Blogger support are answered with form replies that don't help to resolve the issue.

It's no Kryptonite or Dell affair, but very frustrating nevertheless. I think everyone affected by the glitch would appreciate a simple status update, if only we could get someone's attention. Digging this post on Digg will help, as will linking to this post or maybe just waving hands in the general direction of the Googleplex.
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