The Holographic Ghost of Kate Moss

Csven at reBang points to a video of an Alexander McQueen's fall 2006 fashion show that featured an apparition of Kate Moss (fast-forward to the end of the video). The technology, while producing a very nice effect, is not technically "holographic" and is known as Pepper's Ghost (wiki look-up). Here's a snippet from The Independent: "Of course, McQueen being McQueen, there was a catch. Moss in person was, in fact, nowhere to be seen. Rather than stalking the bare floorboards alongside her contemporaries, she had been filmed prior to the show and away from the crowds and her image was projected via an optical device, widely known as Pepper's Ghost, an effect first employed by the mid-19th century chemist John Henry Pepper for a production of Charles Dickens' The Haunted Man."
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