The Flip Side of Consumer-Generated Advertising

If you are following The Apprentice, you'll remember how a couple of episodes back the contestants where given a task to create an event for the dealers. You'll also remember how Chevy followed up with a web site where people can create their own version of a commercial by rearranging pre-canned clips, overlaying pre-recorded music, and typing their own titles over the whole thing. As Radar Waves found out, some conscious citizens used the opportunity to express their views that probably stray away from the official brand strategy. Here's one of those clips, and in case it gets deleted, below are some screengrabs.

[Update: April 1, 2006] It turned out to be a bigger deal, actually. Ad Age mentions it, and Daily Kos has discovered and captured more of the off-strategy videos. Very handy, because the original file on the Chevy site linked above doen't work any longer. Who is surprised?

Here's one of the many articles, by USA Today, that discuss the whole amateur advertising trend.
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