Wells Fargo Opens Advertising Floodgates Into Virtual Life

When Cory Doctorow, a science fiction writer, did his last month's book signing in the virtual space of Second Life, a massively multiplayer online game, the mainstream collectively shrugged: geeks.

Cory Doctorow signing his new book.

Today, Wells Fargo, a huge bank you'd expect to be all uptight and no fun, announced the creation of a Second Life island - dubbed Stagecoach Island (site open to registered users only) - that they will use to teach kids about money management issues and, on the way, convert some of them into their future clients. The rumors are that other companies are looking into buying virtual real estate in Second Life as well. Here's a BBC article, and here's the Wells Fargo's press release. Apparently, the campaign was developed by a San Francisco shop Swivel Media.

An entire Stagecoach island - Wells Fargo's new piece of real estate.
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