Hamlet Text Adventure Game

I wish advertisers would forget for a minute about "Flash-enabled viral advergames" (yuck!) and do something really fun for a change. Like this text adventure game based on Hamplet. If you played them or MUDs back in the 80s or 90s, then you'll find your way around easily; but even if not, you get used to the command-line interface pretty quickly.

"Hey Dad," you say cheerily. "What's up?"
"Hamlet," says the old man after a sigh, "you remember how I was found mysteriously dead in the orchard a couple of weeks back? Well... it's like this. Your uncle Claudius poisoned me so he could become king and marry your mother. I'd be awfully grateful if you could kill him for me."
"All right," you say, "I'll do it!"
Your life suddenly seems to have purpose.

As the author himself puts it, "Unlike most modern computer games, which rely on insanely complex graphics hardware to show you what's going on, the text adventure uses a technology of unsurpassed advancement - the English language - to project the images directly into your imagination."

I already posted about text games coming to iPod; they also can be played on PDA-like watches.
-- via BoingBoing
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