Ringtones for Skype

Skype began offering ringtones and pictures for $0.99 apiece. It's not going to be too long till advertisers start peddling their - and one would hope discounted - brand tunes (via MocoNews.)

On a related note, T-Mobile just changed my ring-back signal (they rotate them every few weeks), and now people who call me hear Donald Trump's voice: "Hello, this is Donald Trump. What do you think, I am gonna answer the phone at the first ring?" My friends think they got a wrong number, freak out and hang up. Before that, I used to have an apparently famous (how would I know?) song "I love you, I love you, I love you", so any time a girl would call, first thing she says would be "I love you too". I really liked that one.

Update (Sept.19'05) "Donald Trump, and Warner Music Group have reached a deal to launch Trump Mobile — a suite of products that includes ringtones, video ringtones and Trump wallpaper for cellphone screens." -- Near Future

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