Advertising On Parking Stripes

parking stripe advertising

Parking Stripe Advertising does exactly what it's name suggests - it turns previously unused real estate into an advertising vehicle (vehicle, get it?) using sturdy adhesive tape. Denver Post breaks the story: "Imagine stepping out of your car in a grocery store parking lot. You look down and see that Pepsi has sponsored your parking spot. As you start walking, you see the same Pepsi ad on several parking stripes along the way. By the time you get inside the store, you're really thirsty for a Pepsi. Either that or you've subliminally associated this delightfully fizzy beverage with cigarette butts, chewed wads of gum and motor-oil spills on the asphalt."
-- via AdJab, x-posted on Billboardom

Advertising on Valet Parking Tickets
Advertising on Parking Tickets
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