The Nose Job

" In January, Seattle-based Impart Technology, which provides mirrors with liquid-crystal displays to upscale stores such as Cartier and Neiman Marcus, unveiled its first scented video mirror. Whenever a customer walks within three feet of the mirror, the device -- equipped with a motion detector -- expels a puff of perfume while also showing a video clip promoting the product."

Business Week runs a terrific piece on the rise of scented marketing, talking about the blockbuster success of P&G's Scentstories, a Scent Dome that helps children learn alphabet by associating letter A with a whiff of apple; a new computer game by Dimension Edge that emits smells, and the future of scented DVD players.

"Already, hotels such as Las Vegas' Bellagio pump certain scents into their lobbies so guests -- it's hoped -- consider their hotels the next time they encounter the smell. Now, British architect Usman Haque is developing ways to set up vertical and horizontal columns of smells that will help people remember which wing of a building they're in, or to create a romantic atmosphere in a corner of a room."

-- Business Week via reBang
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