MetaAdverse, In-Game Advertising Agency

A couple of days ago, I wrote that perhaps one day we would see advertising agencies run by players in online worlds. Actually, one such agency is already in business. It's called MetaAdverse and exists in Second Life. Quoting Clickable Culture: "Ad fads have come and gone, but a new system is on the horizon, promising a publishing and advertising network modeled after the online banner ad industry. Second Life resident Rathe Underthorn opened the doors to his new venture, the "MetaAdverse," in January, 2005.

MetaAdverse follows a time-tested convention currently in use in web-based online advertising. Publishers offer up ad-space, which is valuated and offered for rent to advertisers at a cost-per "impression." Unlike traditional web-based banner ad systems, the MetaAdverse is open only to advertisements for virtual products or services."

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