Talking Packaging

Remember Alice in Wonderland and all those talking cakes and potion containers? MedivoxRx has developed Rex The (disposable) Talking Bottle that plays back medication dosage information to visually impaired patients. The message is either pre-recorded by the pharmacists as they type in label info, or by patients themselves through a Rex Starter Kit that includes a special recorder. The kit sells for about $70 (here) and includes three bottles and the recorder.
-- Engadget, Medgadget

Here's how it works:
"Microelectronic technology is embedded in the base of each bottle. A special bottle recorder microphone allows the user to record the medication use information directly into the bottle. The “built-in-the-bottle” technology permits only the user to record or change the prescription information. To playback the recorded information, users simply press a button on the side of the bottle and listen to the message."

I can totally imagine my Pringles coming in a container that tells jokes and reminds me that I'm about to run out of my supplies. Brilliant. Also, while we are at it, check this report on patterns in packaging design. And Clegg POP is one of the companies that make general-purpose product packaging that moans, talks and sings.

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