Converting Bits Back Into Atoms

Of course, we all remember Nicholas Negroponte's "The change from atoms to bits is irrevocable and unstoppable" (Being Digital: book, article). Yet, lately I've seen a steadily increasing number of reports on how companies put their amorphous digital content into more tangible forms:

- "Magnatune, the online record label founded will launch TunePlug, a reusable USB flash drive that will come pre-loaded with complete MP3 albums from 10 Magnatune artists." - BoingBoing

- "LA-based band Sexohol is putting out their first album Enjoy! on iPod shuffles. The 12 tracks come pre-loaded on your choice of 512MB or 1GB players, for $109 and $159, respectively." - Engadget

- "The complete set of Rav Dovid Grossman's shiurim, as featured on, is now available pre-loaded on a 20 gigabyte iPod." -

- "Engadget reports it's seen a rise in use of USB thumb drives by marketers as delivery devises for promotional material." - AdRants

- "Welcome to the new video tape - the size of a stamp and as transferable as a lick." - PSFK

- "One library has come up with a novel way to get teens into libraries: put audiobooks onto iPod Shuffles." - Engadget

- "Spotted in Japan: vending machines that sell software, ebooks, and games for Palms and Pocket PCs" - earlier on Adverlab
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