Who's Killing Whom

Who's Killing Radio
"Not long ago, the radio industry was enjoying something of a renaissance.
Now, Stern is bolting for satellite, the Federal Communications Commission is cracking down on radio content, and everything from the Internet to iPods is threatening to steal its audience. A reputation for too many commercial interruptions and stale programming are among radio's chief problems. Advertisers are steadily moving money historically spent on radio into cable TV. But the Internet and new technologies like digital music players are potentially more dangerous."
--Chicago Tribune

Who's Killing Television
"I love television as a marketing medium – pure and simple. It has sight, sound and motion. It has terrific reach, great entertainment value and a captive audience. But we’re killing the damn thing – and here are the culprits: cost, clutter, measurement and (lack of) creative."
--Bob Liodice of Association of National Advertisers

Who's Killing TiVo
"It's always hard to write an obituary, especially when the subject is still alive. It's especially hard for me, because I love the little guy like a brother. But, alas, TiVo will die. A convergence of three separate trends is conspiring to kill off TiVo: Moore's Law, HDTV, and DirecTV".
--PC Mag (March 04)

More media deaths.
Endangered gizmos.
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