Smarter Conversations

I get a fair number of PR emails every day, but this one is strange. It came last Friday from Lois Whitman, whose name will be familiar to Techcrunch readers. The email makes it known that Hugh Macleod (@gapingvoid) is available for interviews, which makes it look like Hugh has retained services of a PR company. This, in turn, is puzzling: why would someone who is followed and read by just about every ad blogger hire a PR firm to send the same ad bloggers an email blast? (I noticed AdPulp got the same email.) Or maybe I am completely misunderstanding this message and it's simply Lois promoting her PR practice, and Hugh has nothing to do with it. I emailed both Hugh and Lois last Friday, but haven't heard back yet.

Speaking of "smarter conversations":  if advertising is the cost of being boring, what's, then, an email PR blast?

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