Print Ads With Seeds for Haagen-Dazs

This Haagen-Dazs ad  ran back in 2008, but I keep talking to my friends about it and have to rummage through my file folders every time I do, so I'll just post it here. The print ad by, I believe, Goodby, had flower seeds embedded into to the linen paper and could be planted into the ground. Goes straight to the rethink and rethink print collections.

Remember how in 2006 the ice-cream maker printed flavored stamps?

Update: Here's a very similar Green Letter from Honda, a direct-mail piece that won bronze at One Show. (Thanks, anonymous commenter.)


  1. This is a really great example of combining content and with the physical context of an advertisement to really drive a message home.

    The message fits the medium (the special paper, the embedded seeds) perfectly. By taking care with all aspects of the execution, Haagen-Dazs ultimately created an ad with so much appeal that you're still talking about it now, over a year later.

    "Well done" to all those involved. Hopefully this kind of close attention to the role a physical (or digital) medium can play in elevating specific creative will become standard in the near future.


  2. Something similar also ran for Honda in The United Kingdom.


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