Nexus One Cost of Ownership With Data-Only Plan and VoIP

Billshrink has a chart that compares the 24-month cost of ownership between key smartphones on different carriers, including the iPhone on AT&T and the just-launched Nexus One on T-Mobile. According to the site, Nexus One nets out at between $2,339 and $2,579, depending on the plan.

What if you could rely only on 3G for all your telephony needs?

Total cost of ownership for two years: $1679.80, or $70 a month including the initial cost of the device. The flip side, of course, is the spotty 3G coverage. The flip-flip side -- no contracts.

Update (Jan 6 '10): Nevermind. It appears that data-only plans are not available for Android phones (see the comment below).


  1. I wanted to try a data-only plan from TMO with the Nexus One.

    However, the TMO agent at the store said you cannot buy a data-only plan for any Android device (but you can buy a data-only plan for Windows Mobile or BB.)

    He said that Android connects to the internet differently (he didn't explain that) and thus, you had to have a specific data plan. That data plan, he said, requires you to also buy a voice plan.

  2. Hi,

    I just read that people are using data plans on the Nexus without any problem:

    It seems that T-mobile doesn't know or doesn't like it ;)

  3. Despite what T-Mobile says, I've seen a few comments online indicating that the data-only plan works just fine with the Nexus One. However, this guy says the VoIP call quality is terrible:

  4. T-mobile doesn't want you to use the data only plan because of people using VOIP (uses a load of bandwidth, they don't make as much money). You can't request it, but there is a way around it. Sign up for the data only plan, then don't buy a phone but just the SIM card (free or $10, depending on specials), insert the SIM card into your Nexus One and voila!

  5. I tried that with my G1 last month and it didn't work.

    Well, it worked for a day, but after that the data stopped and opening a web browser brought up a screen saying the plan was incompatible with the device and that I had to upgrade.

  6. You can do this now


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