Banners, Search Ads on Retailers' Sites

Interesting. So Walmart must be making more money with the display ads it serves on its home page through the last year's deal with Yahoo than it would've made by promoting its own merchandise. The entire site served over 900M pageviews in August (Compete Pro data).

I looked at the list of the top 10 retailers, and it seems Walmart's is the only site on that list to serve third-party ads on its home page. It was a pretty big deal when Home Depot was the first large retailer to announce it would start selling ads on its site three years ago. Walmart also serves text ads on its search results pages, via Google.

And so does Target:

AdSense Ads on a Brand Site


  1. I didnt notice that there are 3rd party ads, oh is it real nobody has 3rd party ads other than wallmart. The figures you have put here was mind blowing 9 Million views, i think they dont need to sell too much they earn a fair share in showing 3rd party ads. lol!

  2. there's no doubt that ad words campaigns are effective, but there are studies that have come out that now suggest that top ranking on a keyword search is even more frequented than ads placed in 3rd party websites.


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