The Cure Against Loud Commercials

SRS Labs, a company whose sound tech lives in many familiar devices, is bringing us something that will kill the volume difference between commercials and regular programming. The tech is called TruVolume and will come packaged in stand-alone gadgets that go between the TV set and the cable box, and as part of third-party devices (it already lives in some Samsung and Vizio TVs). Other companies working in this direction are Audyssey and Dolby.

Radio Advertising Eliminator would mute the ads altogether.

Details in WSJ, DVICE, and Sound & Vision (via).

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  1. At SRS Labs we are thrilled about the MyVolume adaptor and our TruVolume technology. If you want to learn more about what SRS Labs aims to do about loud commercials visit the truVolume micro site at, there you can also enter to win a new Samsung TV featuring SRS TruVolume.


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