Toy Fair 2007 Round Up

If you missed this year's Toy Fair that just ended in NYC , below are a few links. If you are wondering why you should care, consider how many media and ad innovations begin or end their lives as toys. If nothing else, toys make cooler promo freebies than branded pens and keyholders. Above: one of the iPlayaz, "a hip-hop figurine that chops its hands in time to the music played over its onboard speaker. That's from Wired's Toy Fair blog. Other links:
-- PhysOrg has an overview
-- ToyFair Times -- the event's newsletter in pdf
-- Need instant snow for your event? Read about it at Anders Frick's article. This blogger also writes about a Mentos-Coke Fountain Kit.
-- A report from Playthings (click around for other parts).

Too bad it's a closed event restricted to the trade. Don't know about any other conference I'd love to go to as much.
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