Flashback: Bone Fone

"The Bone Fone put a unique spin on personal stereos--with its wrap-around design unique speaker placement, the vibrations "resonate through your bones--all the way to the sensitive bones of your inner ear" giving the listener breathtaking sound.
-- Pocket Calculator Show

Binaural Advertising
New Headphones Rely on Bone Conductivity

The Bone Fone was one of the many novelty radios reaching a niche radio buyers back in the '70s and early '80s. Joggers, cyclists and disco roller skaters loved the convenience of the handy little radio while exercising; techno-weenies like us appreciated the unusual approach toward high quality stereo sound. The Bone Fone wasn't cheap--it cost over $70 US but included lycra sleeves in an array of colors and even a fabric pattern to create your own."
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