In-Game Ads To Be Worth $1.2B in 3 Years

Ed Bartlett, a VP at IGA, talks to
"Here at IGA, we’ve looked at numerous predictions from major analysts in the industry – including reports from Citi, IDC, Yankee Group, Forrester and SIG – and we can confidently state that the in-game advertising industry should be worth at least $1.2 billion by 2010. The growth rate is just phenomenal!”

"By the end of the decade anything the in-game advertising industry is going to be worth anything between £800 million to $2 billion annually. Certainly a billion per annum by 2010 is reachable, whereas at the moment we are at something like $350 million a year. "

The numbers, though optimistic, aren't new, but I just had this "life comes at you fast" moment -- 2010 is only three years away. In other but related news, AdAge writes that "digital-media buyers have a hard time seeing how Google's simplified, automated buying processes could result in effective in-game ads."
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