Machinima Advertising Contest in World of Warcraft

Warcraft Cinema is running Azeroth Ad Contest whose goal is to stimulate the economy of the World of Warcraft. The organizers are asking for 30-second machinima spots (and you thought the format was dead) that advertise an in-game product, event or location: "Take a vacation in scenic Dun Morogh. Tour working mines, visit historic Ironforge, and ride in an authentic Dwarven Steam Engine! Paid for by the Ironforge Chamber of Commerce. We are not liable for any torture, maiming, or death you may experience." The deadline is July 31, after which the organizers will put one ad a day up for popular voting.

As Eric who sent me this news wrote, "Intended to introduce the machinima community to the :30 second spot, the contest could raise the use of machinima in advertisements to a new level. The contest is only for ingame products at this time, but if successful could build into launching pad for a vibrant 'machinima in advertisements' community."
-- thanks, Eric

And speaking of machinima ads, here are the winners of Chrysler's machinima competition announced in winter. The first place and a Chrysler went to the maker of "Bullets are Forever" (see on YouTube).

Machinima Commercials
Machinima Advertising
Chrysler Sponsors Machinima Contest
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