Advertising on Airsickness Bags

Today, the ad blogs are abuzz about the news that US Airlines plans to sell ad space on those barf bags tucked into every seat pocket (here's a bigger story about airlines' ad biz). Not new at all, says a commenter on Adrants; airlines in Europe have been doing it for ages. Here's a sickness bag from Virgin Atlantic with a promo for the third episode of Star Wars: "While some of the bags are instructional in nature, giving passengers tips on how to handle and fight with a lightsaber, another bag offers advice to the airline staff on where to seat the Jedi and Sith." Virgin also used the bags to advertise new destinations. Soutwest Airlines uses its bags for recruitment with the "Sick of your job?" punchline. Here's a large online museum by a bag collector, and another huge gallery for your inspiration -- go and marvel at how much human creativity was spent on something so trivial.

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