Idea: Live Advertising

Mark Cuban says TV commercials should go live again (like they were in the 1950s) because they would be more timely, better tied to the context in which the ad appears, and possible glitches would keep the audience glued to the screen. In Mark's words, "Would you ever fast forward through a commercial knowing that the next one could be a classic? Now those are commercials that would keep peoples attention. You would never know exactly what would happen. 30 seconds of fun." (via Adrants)

Back home, they used to have this late-night show were all sorts of people would come to the studio and advertise their wares and services on live TV, trying to out-crazy each other.

In related news, London theater has prepared a series of live ads that will be perfomed before the evening show of Steptoe And Son In Murder At Oil Drum Lane. It's not the first of the kind, though. (via Ad Land)
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