Rethinking Fishwrap

I planned a more detailed post -- maybe something like "Rethinking Print Advertising" that proved so popular -- but finding innovative paper wrapping proved more difficult, so I will be updating this over time. For now, here are some ideas on having your merchandise make a more interesting first impression. If you have some tips, please send them in.

You can make your wrapping paper more controversial by placing kissing angels on the outside...

source: Adrants

... or images of naked people inside.

You can have your paper targeted at a specific audience (in this case, geeks)...

source: ThinkGeek

... or have your customers' pictures on it.

source: Picture Paper

I love this meatwrap ad for Fissler Pans...

source: Advertka

... and this wrapped ad for MINI.

source: Advertka
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